Penacolite® Resins

Penacolite® Resins:
The Pittsburgh location serves as the Global Headquarters and Technology Center for Sumitomo Chemical’s Penacolite® Resins business. All of the solid and liquid resin production facilities are ISO-certified.

The Penacolite® Compounding Resins are most often used for steel-cord adhesion, but they can also be used alone or to augment the adhesion of traditional RFL-dipped cords. In addition, Penacolite® Resins increase the modulus and dynamic stiffness of rubber compounds without increasing hysteresis.

Penacolite® Liquid Resins are designed for use in resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex (RFL) dip formulations for the treating of fibers such as polyester, nylon, rayon, glass, carbon or aramid. The resins are stable, contain no free formaldehyde, and reduce the time associated with an in situ dip. These pre-condensed resins reduce the amount of formaldehyde needed in use and provide a means to ensure the consistent quality of an RFL dip formulation.

Performance & Benefits

  • Excellent chemical stability in storage
  • Compounding resins increase modulus in cured rubber, without a corresponding increase in hysteresis, and improve scorch safety
  • Reduces processing time of RFL dips by using a pre-condensed resin instead of forming the resin in situ
  • Produces consistent quality in RFL dips
  • Reduces formaldehyde donor volumes at point of use

Product Applications

  • Passenger, Truck, and Bus Tires
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Hoses
  • Power Transmission Belts and V-Belts
  • Aircraft and Industrial Tires
  • Other treated fabric applications

For more information on Penacolite® Resins, contact:

Technology Center
Phone: (412) 826-3666

Tony Da Cunha
Regional Manager
Phone: (917) 445-7182