Optical Sheets and Polarizing Films

Optical Sheets and Polarizing Films

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Ltd., in conjunction with Sumitomo Chemical’s global network develops and distributes various products such as color filter, polarizing film, optical sheet, and light guide plate into several display applications in the USA.  


Polarizer is one of the indispensable optical films for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), which absorbs light oscillating along the molecular axis and transmits light oscillating perpendicular direction so that generates polarized light. Our parent company, Sumitomo Chemical has established its own technologies to manufacture and sell SUMIKALAN, a polarizer for LCDs. SUMIKALAN shows superior in homogeneity and shows high level visibility.

Our lineup includes:

  • Iodine type
  • Dye type

In addition, our company also has retarder laminated polarizers suitable for enhancing/improving contrast and visibility of LCDs. This is so that we can offer best fitted functionality for various applications of LCDs.


A color filter, which is color patterned glass into red, green and blue, generates colors images of LCDs by transmitting intense modulated light generated by LCDs. In other words, the filter acts as an optical shutter. Sumitomo Chemical group produces and sells pigment dispersed color filters via its G5 line at Dongwoo of Korea (IT-related appliance applications), and via its G2 line at Sumika in Taiwan (Mobile phone applications).


Sumitomo Chemical sells diffuser plate Sumipex E RM series for the direct-type backlight-adopted LCD (Liquid Crystal TVs). Diffuser plates are an important material, which controls the performance and the design of the entire LCD.

Diffuser plates mainly act to conceal the silhouette of the backlight system’s light sources. Sumipex E RM series contains the general purpose grade and lens-figured face high performance grade, which covers each users’ needs.


A high optical penetration is required for the light guided plater which is used for the backlight of edge-light method LCDs. Sumitomo Chemical sells Sumipex E 011, which is preferred as the light guided plate for flat-screen liquid crystal TVs. This product works well for optical transparency, processing property, and light residence. Sumipex E 011 is manufactured from acrylic resin that results from an extrusion procedure. This is then shaped into various thicknesses and sizes.

For more information on Optical Sheet and Polarizing Films contact:

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