Our Business (Division and Products)

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and was founded in 2003.  It is solely owned by Sumitomo Chemical and chartered to serve the global semiconductor and electronics industries.

Our Current Divisions/Core Competencies:

1) Epitaxial Manufacturing:

Our 50,000 square foot facility includes over 6,000 square feet of clean room space to produce gallium arsenide epitaxial wafers for the Compound Semiconductor market worldwide. Compound Semiconductor epitaxial wafers are used in a variety of commercial applications including: wireless communications, LED manufacturing and solar energy conversion.

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2) Grinding of PES Modified Resins:

In 2013, our company started a state of the art grinding facilities, which will primarily be used for modified PES resins for the aerospace and other composite industries.

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3) Photoresists and Chemistry:

Our company serves as the base of US operations and customer support for Sumitomo Chemical’s photoresist business, which includes Dry and immersion type Arf, Krf, NEB and i-line resists.  It also services customers for other products such as photoresist ancillaries.  Activities include development, sales, distribution, technical support, and global specification.

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4) Resorcinol:

Resorcinol is manufactured in two ISO-certified facilities to ensure uninterrupted supply to the global market for tires and mechanical rubber goods, wood adhesives, dyes and UV absorbers, and other specialty chemical manufacturing applications.

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5) Penacolite® Resins:

Penacolite® Resins are the global standard for resorcinol-based resins for use in tires and mechanical rubber goods.  A highly experienced technical staff provides customer support and supervises production at our ISO-certified manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe, and Japan.

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6) Super Engineering Plastics:

Our company serves as the base of US operations and customer support for Sumitomo Chemical’s engineering plastics business.  This includes a full line of Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) and Polyethersulfone (PES) resins.

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7) Optical Sheets and Polarizing Films:

Our company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Ltd., in conjunction with Sumitomo Chemical’s global network develops and distributes various products such as color filter, polarizing film, optical sheets, and light guide plate into several display applications in the USA.

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8) HPA – High Purity Alumina:

Sumitomo’s high-purity alumina has been manufactured since 1981 with a growing and diversified product portfolio.  High-purity alumina is used in areas such as displays, energy, automobiles, semiconductors and computers and demand for it is growing steadily.  With high volume manufacturing in Japan and Korea, we offer a wide range of products that can meet and exceed your needs.  We can also develop specialty materials to enable your most advanced designs and products.

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9) New Business Ventures:

Our company has created new value added services to enhance Sumitomo Chemical’s presence with their US customers.  This includes raw material sourcing for Sumitomo Chemical and providing distribution/logistics for other IT Related subsidiaries to do business in the USA.

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