Our History

History of Sumitomo GaAs Epiwafer Business

1971 Organometallics R&D start
1981 MOCVD Research start high electron mobility GaAs (163,000cm2/Vs@77K)
1984 Epitronics founded
1989 AlGaAs/InGaAs p-HEMT R&D
1991 O2-doped AlGaAs buffer FET Technology (Tsukuba Laboratory)
1992 Development of MOCVD system for GaAs Production
GaN LED R&D start
InGaP HBT R&D (Epitronics)
1995 AlGaAs HBT R&D
High Brightness LED R&D, 1cd GaN epiwafer
Development of MOCVD system for GaN Production
ATMI acquires Epitronics
1998 p-HEMT & HB-LED Production start
InGaP-HBT Production start
2001 ATMI expands into Airport facility
2003 Acquired the assets of ATMI GaAs Epitaxy Division
2004 Received ISO9001 certification
Veeco equipment acquisition
2005 Expanded p-HEMT epiwafer production
2007 Additional reactors installed (1 Aixtron 2600G3 and 1 Veeco E450)
2008 Received ISO14001 certification
2009 Additional reactor installed, Aixtron 2600G3
2011 Sumika receives a Certificate of Achievement from the City of Phoenix for 100% compliance with the 2011 pretreatment requirements
2013 Started up an Engineering Plastics Grinding Manufacturing business for the transportation industry
2016 Acquired the Indspec Division of Occidental Petroleum to produce and sell Penacolite resins to the global tire and other industries
Received OHSAS 18001 Certification
2017 Sumika Electronic Materials changes name to Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies

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